London Reflections, Tree reflected in puddle at Southbank,

I use tarot in this blog to channel information on global issues, such as the current financial and environmental crises. Today I speak about a shamanic journey and do not use the cards.

My first novel is called Earth and I just recently signed with New York literary agent Jon Sternfeld of the Irene Goodman Agency.

I channeled a lot of information in writing the novel. I use my abilities as a channeler in all my art, channeling spirit through color on canvas, channeling characters onto the page as a novelist.

Besides tarot, I’m a shamanic practitioner. A few years ago, I did a shamanic journey to ask about the themes of the novel. A shamanic journey, for those who don’t know, is a more spiritually powerful version of a creative visualization.

In the journey, I was propelled upward into the universe, among the stars, and was brought to rest upon the Moon. I met a spirit guide there, a woman in cobalt blue with a face of ivory or ice. She said: Look down at the Earth. What do you see?

I saw huge fires burning in about two dozen places all around the globe, one area I knew to be Afghanistan. The US invasion after September 11th had ended a year or so earlier.

But some were areas that did not have wars going on, areas of starvation or deforestation. I felt like sobbing. I asked her: What exactly are you trying to tell me?

She said: The earth places, anywhere where people are close to the earth, are being destroyed. The current paradigm requires that all things earth-related be destroyed. This causes worldwide deep primal rage. Everyone is so enraged. This is what your book is about.

Later, I would ponder all of this and come to understand that if we see that the earth is being beaten up, even if we’re not seeing this consciously but picking up on it in some unconscious way, we fear the organic sides of ourselves and we shut them down. It all results in massive global low self esteem, as we feel shamed for our true selves. Why? Why kill the earth? Why make us all so fucked up? Because we’re confused. We think success is owning a bigger house or car. And how can they sell us these bigger houses and cars if we know in our bellies that true abundance is the earth? They can’t, so they must at the very least confuse us, and at the very worst destroy the earth, destroy the truth.

Who are ‘they’? You are. I am. We’re all ‘they’.

Sitting on the Moon among the stars, watching the Earth burn below me, I was overcome with a profound grief. The feeling has never left me. I knew that my novel Earth was about my childhood on a farm, but I was learning it was also about the entire world. It was about the loss of the earth and the loss of our organic selves. It was about rage, and rampant addiction and clinical depression on a global scale.

I recently watched the documentary The Gathering – Return of the Whale Dreamers produced by Julian Lennon (John’s son). An aboriginal tribe in Australia invited aboriginal peoples from all over the world to their area. Rituals were held, whales showed up in the nearby bay. It was a profound film. What affected me the most was seeing all of these tribal peoples in one place. The oppressed, the wrecked, the overwhelmed — a motley motley group of people.

I thought: These people look like the devastated earth. Their devastated faces and misshapen boddies are the very echo of the earth. Their addictions, everything.

I truly do not mean to dis them. What I’m trying to say is this. I don’t trust people in this world who look fit and clean and happy. They disturb me. What kind of bubble do they have to create for themselves to block out the wail of a dying earth? How they judge the addicted and the depressed, the very people who are truly feeling the keening of a bruised and bloodied earth.

I trust the downtrodden. I trust the depressed. I trust the dark eyed, overwhelmed, embittered lovers of trees, of roots, of ocean depths. I trust those who can barely get out of bed in the morning. I trust those who are as bruised as this blessed earth. Those who do not pretend…

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